Who We Are


WE are the organizing force behind Students who still believe in free speech.

Students for Free Expression is a student-driven movement focused on creating chapters of free speech minded undergraduates at colleges and universities across the United States. Our mission is to build a community of students supporting free expression and equip them to defend it in higher education.

As students, we are uniquely positioned to change young minds. Talking to our peers on campus quads or in dorm rooms, we have showed skeptical students why our mission is important. The American University chapter once signed up over 150 students, many of whom did not originally consider themselves free speech supporters, in a single afternoon.

When free speech crises arise on our campuses, Students for Free Expression exists as a force against anti-free speech policies by college administrations. Mob mentality often threatens to force college administrations into anti-free speech action, but Students for Free Expression is a voice of reason in the student body. We are proof that students still want free speech.


Our Team


Kai Fox

Chief Executive Officer

Matthew Foldi

Chair of the Board of Directors

Michael Frazier

Director of Recruitment & Policy Advisor

Ryan Sabot

Board Member

Gabriel Rhys Simerson

Director of Communications

Dominic Gatti

Student Board Member

Daniel Acosta Rivas


Jacqueline Pfeffer Merrill

Board Member

Zoe Taylor

Student Board Member