Director of Recruitment & Policy Advisor

Michael Frazier

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A native of Eastern Kentucky, Michael Frazier is an undergraduate student at the University of Kentucky studying Philosophy, Political Science and Economics. Michael is an LGBTQ activist who successfully secured an LGBTQ center at his institution. As an indiscriminate guardian for the First Amendment rights of his fellow students, he led a diverse and bipartisan student coalition that successfully ended the free speech zone policy at his institution in the wake of a series of First Amendment violations.

Michael's pursuits have led to successful internship positions including the ability to learn from three sitting state judges, a federal chief judge, and to be the first Kentuckian selected to intern for the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. As a student, Michael championed the passage of HB254, the Kentucky Campus Free Speech Act. He spoke on behalf of the bill in both legislative chambers leading it to be signed by the Governor of Kentucky on March 26, 2019.